Planning for Your Personal Injury Case

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The days following an accident can be confusing and stressful, to say the least. You’re still trying to wrap your head around exactly what happened; yet you’re inundated with phone calls from your insurance company with questions about what transpired. First, take care of yourself. Only after you’ve been evaluated by a doctor and gotten your health under control is it time to start thinking about the legal side of your accident. That is, planning for your personal injury case.

Gather your evidence and get organized before a personal injury case

The first step in preparing your personal injury case is to collect evidence that indicates who is at fault for the accident as well as any damage caused by the accident. If you took photos at the scene, attach these to your file. Additional evidence may include the names and contact information of any witnesses and other people involved in the accident.

At this stage, you’ll also want to make a record of all costs you’ve incurred as a result of the accident. Be sure to include medical expenses and prescription costs, even if they were covered by insurance. Note that each expense will require proof in the form of a bill or receipt. It’s also important to indicate past and present loss of income as a result of your injury. Lastly, gather any documents you’ve received from your health insurance company that indicates how much they have paid toward your medical expenses.

Meet with a personal injury attorney

Next, it’s time to meet with a personal injury attorney. At Salmu Law Firm, we offer a free case evaluation where we’ll ask you questions about your accident and review the documents listed above. This initial meeting shouldn’t take long, especially if you come prepared. If you decide to pursue a claim, we’ll tell you what the next steps are and keep you updated on your case every step of the way.

What happens next in a personal injury lawsuit?

If the idea of going to court and standing before a judge seems intimidating, don’t worry. Very few personal injury cases go to trial. Most of the time, they’re resolved early on in the litigation process through a negotiated settlement. This is another time when having a personal injury attorney is helpful. With an in-depth understanding of your case, your attorney will analyze the proposed settlement and negotiate on your behalf to maximize your award.

When you’re ready, Salmu Law Firm in San Diego & El Cajon here for you

While looking after your health is the most important thing to do following an accident, you don’t want to wait too long before filing a personal injury claim. By acting efficiently, you’ll increase your chances of resolving your claim and getting your settlement money quickly so you can put the incident behind you.

When you’re ready to pursue a personal injury claim, call us. At Salmu Law Firm in San Diego, we’ll fight hard on your behalf to reach the highest possible compensation for your injuries. No case is too complicated or complex. Our experienced attorneys have seen it all – and they have the track record to prove it.

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