5 Signs it’s Time to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have had an accident and are severely injured, had medical malpractice, or lost wages due to an injury call Salmu Lqw Firm for a personal injury lawyer in San Diego.

You’ve heard the term, “accidents happen,” right? Well, they do.  In the case of a minor parking lot bumper-tap in which no one is hurt, two drivers exchange insurance information, and the whole thing is dealt with swiftly and easily. No lawyers necessary. Or maybe you slip and fall at a party, and the homeowner offers to pay your medical expenses. Again, an unfortunate accident, but one in which both parties feel comfortable with the outcome.

If only all accidents were so easily fixed…

But they’re not.  Accidents can get extremely complicated when people get hurt, cars get wrecked, bills pile up, and multiple insurance companies get in the mix, each with its own set of complex rules about what it will and will not cover.

When that’s the case, and you’re trying to fight for your rights to compensation on your own, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and even to give up. But when you do, you end up taking on financial burdens that are not yours to carry.  It’s important to know when it’s time to seek help.

At Salmu Law Firm in San Diego, our skilled personal injury lawyers can help keep that burden off your shoulders by getting you the compensation you deserve.

Not sure when to call us?

5 signs that it’s time to call a San Diego personal injury lawyer

You have severe or long-term injuries

“Some” compensation is not enough. A personal injury lawyer can help make sure you get enough to cover your medical bills as well as the length of time it takes you to recover.

You’ve experienced a significant loss of wages due to the accident

Even if your insurance company has agreed to pay your medical bills, you could still end up in debt from a loss of wages. A personal injury lawyer can help make sure your settlement covers auto repair, lost wages, and other expenses beyond your medical bills.

You’re the victim of medical malpractice

Medical questions and legal rules involved with malpractice suits can be complex and confusing. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complexities and win your case.

The homeowner refuses to reveal their insurer

When you’re injured at a neighbor’s house due to their negligence (a faulty handrail or poorly placed rugs on the floors or stairs), you’ll want to go through their homeowner’s insurance. But if they refuse to reveal the insurance carrier, you may need a personal injury lawyer to take action against the homeowner and get you the compensation you deserve.

Your insurance claim has been denied

When an insurance company or a government agency refuses to make a fair settlement with you, despite your medical bills and lost wages, a personal injury lawyer can help you fight for what you deserve.  

Are you in need of a personal injury lawyer in San Diego?

At Salmu Law Firm in San Diego, we may be able to help.  Our skilled, professional team of lawyers excels at handling the most challenging and complex cases.

Give us a call for a free case evaluation. We’ll help you understand some possible courses of action as well as their likely outcomes.

Remember, it’s important to ask for help when you need it. And when that time comes, Salmu Law Firm will be here for you the whole way.