Criminal Defense Attorney for Assault And Battery

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Although assault and battery are the most common charges amongst the violent ones still most of the people are unable to understand the exact meaning of assault and battery. As with the other crimes which involve violence, even assault and battery have considerable consequences on conviction for the charges.

It is important that you hire a criminal defense attorney for assault and battery so that they can analyze and identify the severity of your violent crime charges.  They will provide you with the best legal representation possible from their side so as to protect your rights under the Constitution. When you are looking for a defense lawyer, make sure that they have a history in handling violent crime cases and know their legal presentation appropriately.

Choose a lawyer who is not intimidated by the prosecutors or the state while representing and dealing with your case. If you are convicted for an assault and battery crime, it is important that you seek a criminal defense attorney for assault and battery at the earliest.

What actually is assault and battery?

The meaning of assault may vary slightly according to each state’s jurisdiction but generally, it means the act of threatening or attempting to cause harm to another person in their physical state. It means an action of any individual which puts a person in fear of harm or being unsafe.

On the exact contrary, a battery is an act of actually hurting someone with physical touch or contact. There is no factor of seriousness in cases of battery but some areas have the mention of “aggravated battery” which is meant to cover a particular type of serious cases. An experienced criminal defense attorney for assault and battery will be known to these things and will handle your case depending on the same.

What are the consequences of assault and battery charge conviction?

The consequences of assault and battery charges are rather harsh because they are categorized as violent crimes. Most of the assault and battery cases will include jail time along with some penalties. The outcome of a violent crime case relies on the laws, quality of legal representation, criminal history, and seriousness of the event.

In such a situation, it is of great importance to hire a criminal defense attorney for assault and battery who is skilled and experienced in the same type of cases to ensure a good quality of representation of your case in the court.