Criminal Defense Attorney for Record Expungement

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The act of eliminating, destroying, or sealing jail time or conviction records is said to be as record expungement. It is allowed in most of the jurisdictions for specific criminal records depending on the applicable laws in the state. But for some situations and their purpose, an expunged record may also be exposed and affect you.

To know the details about expungement, you must hire a criminal defense attorney for record expungement who will assist you throughout the process and clarify all your questions and doubts regarding the issue of record expungement.

How is your record eligible for an expungement?

There are procedures that are to be followed if you are looking for your records to be expunged but here are some common points which will help you to determine if a record is expugnable or not in the first place:

§  Was it a criminal conviction or were you just arrested?

An arrest is readily expunged whereas conviction may require lengthier processing.

§  When was your record created?

Any state has a waiting period for a record to be expunged exceeding which you can’t apply for expungement.

§  Was it a first-time offense?

It is an important factor that is considered is whether the crime is subsequent or has been committed for the first time.

§  How grave was the severity of the offense?

Most likely, only offenses with light severity are qualified for expungement rather than ones which include violent crimes or sexual offense.

§  Was the punishment following the offense successfully completed?

It is important that you have fulfilled all the punishments associated with your crime and the waiting time won’t start until the sentence is done.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney for record expungement can help analyze your offense to determine if it can be eligible for a record expungement or not.

Do you need a criminal defense attorney for record expungement in your situation?

An experienced lawyer will help you to file a petition on your behalf in the court to have your conviction or arrest records expunged. They will also present arguments to support your reason for expungement if required by the court. The lawyers will help non-violent offenders to get their criminal records erased as they are well-equipped and properly educated about the same. So it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney for record expungement to make the process simpler and quicker than it would have been when you are on your own.