Criminal Defense Lawyer for Assault And Battery

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One of the most common and violent crimes which people are charged for is assault and battery. There are many instances when an individual may be put on allegations of these violent crimes. But they may be innocent which may be because of mistaken identity situation or a bitter relationship spouse or even an ex-spouse not telling the truth for revenge. When you are charged by such a grave offense, you must be sure to take help from a criminal defense lawyer for assault and battery as early as possible.

What is assault?

When a person causes intentional injury to another person too recklessly, such a situational event is known as an assault. It may be against anyone including spouses or even ex-spouse. Also, if a person is trying to threaten you with body injuries or causing physical contact along with other people that the act will be provocative or offensive, it is purely an assault. So you will definitely need the assistance from a criminal defense lawyer for assault and battery for proving your innocence within the right time.

What is battery?

On the contrary, battery is the act of actually causing harm by body injuries or physical contact and not only just threatening. Although there is not defined any level or degree of harm to be caused to a person to label it as battery many legislation also have a charge called “aggravated battery” to identify severe cases.

How can a criminal defense lawyer for assault and battery help?

•    Investigation

A criminal defence attorney will help you with the collection of evidence that is important for your case. They may also recognize some things as evidence which you may not be able to identify and could be really important to support your case. They will examine the evidence carefully, accumulate the smaller and significant details of your case and interrogate the witnesses to reach to the culprit of the case.

•    Reduce sentence

A criminal defense lawyer for assault and battery will help you with the simpler and lesser sentence if you are charged with violent crimes. They may do this by either convincing the judge for suggestion of therapy, rehabilitation or anger management program to be a more appropriate punishment for the charges.

An experienced attorney with reliable experience and qualifications related to assault and battery cases will help you with all the aspects of your case.