Criminal Defense Lawyer for Probation Violations

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Many of the people who are in probation sentence take the idea of probation violation very lightly which is not right as most of these people are in jail because of that kind of thoughts. It is quite important that you have a criminal defense lawyer for probation violations to support you in such cases. You may feel that you don’t need a lawyer but retaining one by your side will make the difference between you returning to custody and remaining free.

What is probation?

Generally, when you get a probation sentence, it actually means that you get a sentence for a term of imprisonment which is however suspended. It implies that your complete sentence minus the time that you have already spent in prison when you were arrested is suspended. The above idea is what most people miss, i.e. don’t listen to or don’t really understand. Later on, the court wants you to serve the probation period.

The span of your suspended sentence can be revoked by the court if you fail to serve the probation period appropriately. A criminal defense lawyer for probation violations is well-versed with such situations and can help you to deal with the same.

What are the conditions of probation?

It is extremely important to stick by the standard rules and conditions of probation when you are on your probation period. There are even special conditions of probation related to the type of case because of which you are under probation period. Some of these conditions are:

·         payment of penalties or fees

·         report to your probation officer

·         not getting involved in new criminal acts

·         maintain attendance in school or at work

·         go to substance abuse treatment sessions

·         abide by a no-contact order

What is the need for a criminal defense lawyer for probation violations?

When you fail to follow any of the above-mentioned standard conditions of your probation period, the officer may file a notice of violating with the court. So it is important to hire a lawyer as they can save you from the negative consequences of probation violation. The court may just warn you to continue your probation properly or give you added conditions to follow in your probation period. If you have violated in the past or the current violation is serious, the court may also revoke the probation. So to save you from all these effects, it is advised that you hire a criminal defense lawyer for probation violations.