Criminal Defense Lawyer for Record Expungement

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One of the severe charges is of record expungement which means erasing the records of felony charges from a person’s criminal record. Expungement gives a person the privilege to an oath that any felony never took place by that person although doing it is considered to be a crime. It is just as there was no criminal charge in that person’s records ever. There are other phrases for record expungement like expunction, record sealing or setting aside a conviction. A criminal defense lawyer for record expungement can greatly help you to free from the criminal charges involved in the same.

What are the requirements for record expungement?

The requirements for record expungement differ broadly depending on the laws imposed by the state and the actual place where the crime was executed or taken place. You would want to discuss the entire details of record expungement with a criminal defense lawyer for record expungement in your remote areas. But the most general requirements of record expungement include:

·         You are supposed to satisfy a period of waiting before you can file for record expungement.

·         Record expungement is not automatic and requires filing a request along with some fee at times.

·         The probation period has to be compulsorily completed in the absence of any errors or violations. For some state laws, record expungement is allowed only for those who have been granted probation as well.

·         All the legal incarceration, fines, and punishments must be entirely fulfilled before one can file a request for expungement.

What type of crime cannot be expunged?

Although it is difficult to determine what kind of crime will be or will not be expunged but a criminal defense lawyer for record expungement can help you guide through the process and criteria depending on your state’s law. Here are a few instances which cannot be expunged:

·         Exploiting a minor

·         Sexual crimes

·         Child pornography

·         The crime which involves a minor victim

Why do you need a criminal defense lawyer for record expungement?

To get a clean record, it is important to opt for record expungement. But the requirements and processes for the same thing are quite variable in a different area with different administering states and their laws related to crimes. So it is suggested that you speak to a local attorney for more information and advice about how to go about record expungement. An experienced lawyer will definitely guide you properly throughout the process.