No.1 Personal Injury Attorney for Pedestrian Accidents

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There happen many cases of pedestrian accidents all around the world almost every hour and many of the victims are killed and injured every minute. These accidents are a result of non-attentive and negligent driving and the drivers failing to yield pedestrians. If you hire the no.1 personal injury attorney for pedestrian accidents, they will fight the case to represent pedestrians or bicyclists effectively when they are injured by a driver’s fault.

It is important to share the road properly to enjoy the rights and safety that you deserve when using such busy roads and highways. It is the responsibility of all the drivers to behave ethically and safely. Particularly, drivers those who are driving heavy vehicles are especially obliged to be careful and take care of others safety. The no.1 personal injury attorney for pedestrian accidents will help you to pursue compensation and justice for your losses in a pedestrian accident.

What are the general reasons for pedestrian accidents?

The most probable reason for the occurrence of pedestrian injuries is carelessness and negligence. Though the pedestrians are not always faultless and blameless, there are some people who are distracted walkers and don’t pay attention to crosswalks and pedestrians traffic lights. Here are some reasons for pedestrian accidents:

·         Running red lights

·         Right turns on busy crosswalks

·         Intoxicated driving

·         Illegally parked vehicles

·         Distracted drivers

What are the types of injuries from pedestrian accidents?

The destructive results from collisions between a vehicle and a pedestrian or bicyclist are inevitable. Pedestrians have the least protection as compared to any other vehicle. The no.1 personal injury attorney for pedestrian accidents will help you fight the case if you have suffered any of the following injuries:

·         Brain injuries

·         Amputations

·         Broken bones

·         Spine cord injuries

Apart from extensive pain and suffering, these injuries also carry medical expenses and a lot of mental stress and burden for the victim. A dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer will help you to get through the rough phase.

How can a personal injury lawyer help in my pedestrian accident case?

You are entitled to getting the compensation for all your damages including medical bills, disability, pain, suffering, and lost wages. There are many legalities and complications in such cases which may cost you a fortune. This is why it is extremely important that you appoint the no.1 personal injury attorney for pedestrian accidents who can guide you properly through this time of your life with their experience and knowledge.